MAMMOTH: A play by Kate Royal

Sometimes you get to work with someone who totally trusts your design eye and is down to roll with whatever creative ideas you come up with. It's rare. It's SUPER rare. But Kate Royal is that kind of someone, and that's why I love working with her.

Kate sent me the script for her play Mammoth back in January. One read through it and ideas were already attacking my mind for what the promotional materials should look like. I don't want to spoil any plot points here, but I will say that the play is about the broken family dynamic of three siblings who, in sorting through and selling their childhood home, resurrect some drama from their past. Kate's writing unfolds the drama easily, with juicy reveals around every corner of conversation. A couple pages in to the script and I couldn't stop reading it. I swallowed it whole and then, no exaggeration, started sketching out ideas on the nearest piece of paper I could find.

So first, we developed this title graphic, a logo of sorts:


That's a mammoth tusk. And it's shattered (like the relationships of the characters) into triangular pieces (since there are three siblings).  The background is moody and uncertain, while the text and shattered tusk are bright white, creating high contrast. Mmm, minimalism. Delicious.

Once we had the general look of the promo materials established, we moved on to the promo posters, assigning new roles to the elements we had already created. Mammoth tusk turns into crescent moon. Moody, uncertain blue background turns into dark night sky. Specks of light crop up, pretending to be stars. The silhouette of a house, the house where the drama unfolds, reveals itself in the corner. All the stuff you need to know to go see the show is minimally arranged at the bottom. The result is this:


Oh, another glam shot, because, I mean, why not?


Then, much to my delight, Kate asked me to follow up these designs with another poster series as an incentive for their Kickstarter campaign. Typography posters using quotes from the show?!? She couldn't possibly have given me a more drool-worthy assignment. So great.

In order to tie these posters to the official show poster, we inverted the colors - moody blue on stark white - and retained the informative footer. Check. them. out.

So much fun. In a dysfunctional family kind of way. Anyway, the play is THIS WEEKEND. Opening night is tonight! You should go see it. I'm seeing it on Saturday and I'm so excited! Here's a link to purchase tickets. Here's a link to the play's website, where you can read more about the staging process and more about the brilliant actors and the brilliant Kate Royal. And here's a link to the play's Facebook page, where you can leave rave reviews after you see it. ;)

As always, thanks for reading!