Taylor Kelly: Album Artwork

When I was in fifth grade, I played trumpet in the school band. I was obsessed with it and most of my young life, I wanted to be a music teacher. When I was in fifth grade, there was this girl in fourth grade who also played the trumpet. She was spunky and adorable and hilarious and super talented. That girl was Taylor Kelly and she's grown up to become this crazy talented jazz singer/songwriter. And I've been fortunate enough to get to work with her to create the artwork for both of her albums, the most recent of which dropped a couple of days ago.

Here's the new album:

It's so gratifying to hold something you've designed in your hands. To be able to turn and flip and open an object that has once lived as a 2D spread on your screen is seriously satisfying. Yes, I'm a nerd, DEAL WITH IT.


All photography used in the album artwork was done by Tammy Jean Lamoureux. Check out her website here. I just love the muted tones and minimalism of these photos - they were so so easy to design with.

And here's Taylor's first album - lil bit of a different feel, eh? Bright colors and illustration instead of the desaturated photography from the second album.

And all together now...

In a perfect world, I would design album artwork for awesome music all day every day. I can think of no better way to fuse my love for music and my love for design.

Listen to Change of the Weather by Taylor Kelly here. Listen to In the Meantime by Taylor Kelly here.

Prepare to have your face melted by her soulful scatting. Unreal.

Thanks for reading!