A case for why small to mid-size businesses should invest in professional design.

1. make a good FIRST IMPRESSION

The first experience a person has with your business – whether they explore your website, open a menu, or walk by your storefront – is your opportunity to show them that you know what you’re doing. Hire a designer to make your brand look professional & attractive.

2. focus on YOUR BUSINESS

Rather than spending hours wrestling with Word to create a simple flyer (ain’t nobody got time for that), enlist a designer. They’ll take care of it quickly and let you get back to what you do best: running your business.

3. keep it CONSISTENT

From your biz cards to your website to your Facebook page – each of these and everything in between is a piece of your image that can strengthen or weaken your brand. Designers work to strengthen your brand by keeping it consistent across the board.

4. we’re on YOUR TEAM

It’s nice to have people in your corner, isn’t it? Designers are there to help you succeed. To get your brand recognized. To support your ideas and endeavors. To make you look good.

5. save yourself TIME & MONEY

You don’t have time to format that event flyer for seven different sizes. But I do! For example, you could spend 10 hours of your precious time on a DIY poster or you could spend a hundred bucks to pay a designer and spend that time bringing a thousand bucks in to your business. Choose wisely.

6. communicate EFFECTIVELY

Designers don’t just make things look pretty. We take the information you need to convey and visually organize it so that it's easy to read, appealing to your target audience, and quickly and clearly communicates your message.

7. unlock NEW IDEAS

Designers are creative people with a fresh perspective to offer. You may find yourself struggling to come up with a creative way to advertise your newest menu item or your upcoming event. Give yourself a break. Let some outside eyes help you build something that might never have crossed your mind.

8. enhance your WEB PRESENCE

In an age where everyone’s face is buried in a device, it’s so crucial to have a strong web presence. So ask yourself: Do you have a website? Is it appealing? Is it easy to navigate? Does it show up in search results? Is it responsive to any device? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to contact a professional.