Hart's Local Grocers: Online Shopping Infographic

So I just wrapped up one of my absolute favorite projects to date. I am a total organization nerd so having someone throw a whole bunch of facts, numbers, and figures at me and say "MAKE THIS LOOK NICE!" is pretty much a day, NAY, week-maker.

One of my most favorite businesses that I work with, Hart's Local Grocers, an awesome local grocery store with a beautiful brand and just the nicest people one would ever hope to meet, is launching an online shopping experience through an app called Rosie. If you live in the downtown Rochester area and you haven't been to Hart's yet, what kind of cave is it that you are living in?! You've got to check this place out. Amazing food, amazing atmosphere, amazing experience - they really did a fantastic job creating this little slice of grocery store heaven.

Anyway, the folks at Hart's cooked up an idea to create an infographic outlining the details of their new online shopping/in-store pickup/home delivery experience and tagged me in to bring it to life.

We created two versions of the infographic. Above is the large format (24x36) version that will live in the store. Below is the version created specifically for mobile - a more vertical layout of the information.


Check out Hart's new online shopping experience here!