I'm Joanna. I'm a self-taught graphic designer. I am passionate about clean & effective design. I love to take information and organize and arrange it in a beautiful and engaging way. I studied math in college, which is weird, but if you're interested I could give you a hundred reasons why it's relevant to graphic design. But only if you're in the mood for some particularly nerdy conversation.

I spent two glorious years freelancing full-time, beginning in January of 2014, and as of October 2016, I signed on with a seriously awesome agency, The Article Group. Now I get to work with big ol' brands like Google and Pinterest. Pretty, pretty cool.

When I'm not with my Macbook, I enjoy adventuring with my husband Keith, family dinners with my parents and three older brothers, watching the entire series of The Office over and over again, DIY home projects, and daily morning walks with my flat-coated retriever pup, Lady.